Fuzz Caan

Fuzz Caan, Senior Coach at British Athletics, and Coach to multiple world and Olympic medalists

“I have been working alongside both Rob Miller and Dr Michael Johnston for over six years. We have collaborated together in many capacities, from post-surgery rehab to pre-Olympic prep. A great example of this was with Robbie Grabarz who in May 2014 underwent serious knee surgery. In January 2015 he started jumping tentatively and later that year qualified for the world champs in Beijing. After the process of recovery training was finalised, we prepped for Rio, Robbie finished fourth in the final narrowly missing a medal. A remarkable achievement and journey considering the seriousness of his surgery and the complexity of his rehab.”

“I have worked with Rob and MJ alongside many other athletes and have achieved great success along the way, the majority reaching international success. They both take their work very seriously, are a great partnership, and are diligent and thorough, finding what is right for the athlete at any given period of their careers. Individual and intimate programming of training is the starting point for these guys.”

“I not only rate Rob and MJ as some of the best practitioners in their chosen field of S&C, but I rate them as two of the best coaches I have ever met. I have been an international athletics coach for over twenty-five years and consider Rob and MJ a great asset to my team and would encourage others to share in their expertise.”