Holly Bradshaw

Holly Bradshaw is a Track and Field Athlete, Multiple European Medalist, World and Olympic Finalist, and Pole Vault Record Holder.

“Since working with Michael and Rob full time I have seen big improvements in the gym. I am stronger, more powerful and the most robust I have ever been, both in the gym and on the track.”

“MJ is very well-read and up to date with the latest research and I have seen some remarkable improvements in my elasticity and plyometrics ability due to the exercises he has suggested. I have 100% trust in the programme that MJ implements and know that he is always searching and seeking out alternative methods to create strength and power.”

“I work with Rob 2/3 times a week in the gym when he is overseeing my weights session. Rob’s passion and enthusiasm in the gym has really helped me improve over the last 2 years. I am totally inspired by his charisma when I am lifting and the cues / feedback he provides are world-class. His knowledge of exercises and ability to adapt in the moment is very impressive but the one thing that stands out is his commitment. Nothing is too much of a hassle and Rob is willing to help wherever he can, including sessions which aren’t even related to the gym.”

“I feel very privileged to have both MJ and Rob in my team, helping me on my journey to achieving my goals.”

Holly’s testimonial relates to the support provided by Rob and MJ in their respective roles for the British Athletics World Class Programme