Jack Milligan

Jack Milligan is a Strength and Power Coach for South Sydney Rabbitohs (Rugby League)

“I have known Rob for over three years, and can confidently say he is one of the best strength coaches I have come across. Without the time and mentorship he has offered me, I would definitely not be in the position I am in today. Rob has taught me a hell of a lot in the time we have known each other, so much so that I ensured I was able to use him as an external mentor in my previous position at Leicester City FC.”

“Rob’s major strengths as a coach include; his scientific understanding of strength and power development, ability to design world-class programmes targeting specific physical qualities, and competency in coaching the Olympic lifts and their derivatives. These are only several reasons why he is responsible for coaching some of the most explosive athletes on the planet. I know two of Rob’s major passions within the industry are to; a) develop the strength and power characteristics of every athlete he works with, and b) aid the progression and learning of developing strength and conditioning coaches in their journey to become elite practitioners. These passions have been expressed to me through his work ethic, attention to detail when coaching his athletes, and willingness to pass on his expertise to myself.”

“Having spent a significant amount of time with Rob, I couldn’t recommend him enough, both as a coach and as a mentor.”