Jakub Zajkowski

Jakub Zajkowski is a Jui-Jitsu Champion winning 1st Place IBJJF Paris, Rome, Dublin, London and Amsterdam 2019, 1st Place London Warrior Cup 2019, World Pro Championships 2018 Bronze, ACB European Championships 2018 Silver, and UAEJJF World Pro Champion 2017, with a Black Belt under Professor Braulio Estima. He now works as a professor for Gracie Barra Birmingham

“I have been working with MJ and Rob as a part of the Gracie Barra Ambassador’s program, since we started work together I noticed I perform much better during my training and at competition. They help me as well with injury prevention which is a big part if you are professional competitor but one of the things that surprised me the most is how they have managed to keep training challenging with a limited equipment during a lockdown [Covid-19].”

“That’s why I believe it doesn’t matter at what current shape you are and what goals you have, they are the best to take care of you.”