Reece Prescod

Reece Prescod is a World Finalist, European Silver Medalist, 9.94s 100m Sprinter.

“My breakthrough year was London 2017 where I made a world final and raced against the legend Usain bolt, I then moved to loughborough and started working with Rob and MJ in the gym for strength and conditioning. We analysed all my issues we then came up with a program which was challenging yet goal achievable, and got straight to work. Within my first year I improved dramatically in my technical lifting ability with my clean PB from 90 to 125kg and became very robust and explosive in all other aspects of conditioning – which translated onto the track in which I ran sub 10 on 4 occasions, won the British Championships and won a silver at European championships in Berlin.”

“Rob is an outstanding coach, and what I like most about him is his attention to detail with technique and his motivational skills to push you to achieve more. I also feel Rob connects with you well on a personal level which will keep you motivated, and he has a sense of care which for me I think is important cause at not one point did I feel demotivated working with Rob but always wanted to push on and do more.”

“MJ is also a great coach – he is extremely intelligent and very knowledgable on all aspects of training, he is well educated on all the progressions adaptions and concepts of the different muscles groups and will not just coach you but actually explain why you are doing something and how this will improve you as an athlete. MJ is a realist so is very straight and narrow when it comes to achieving goals so if you want to want to train with him make sure you bring your A-game and proof will be in the session.”

“I think combined Rob and MJ make a great team with their combined knowledge and expertise, and will improve any athlete across all sports – training with them was a very enjoyable experience and you will be in safe hands.”

Reece’s testimonial relates to the support provided by Rob and MJ in their respective roles for the British Athletices World Class Programme