Victor Estima

Victor Estima is a Brazillian Jui-Jitsu Professor, World Champion NoGI 2011, European Champion 2012, British National Double Gold 2016, 6 x IBJJF world’s Bronze medalist, 4 x World Pro silver medalist

“I have been practicing sports all my life but as a teenager I found Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where I found my passion. Since then I have had a long career as a professional competitor. As Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is still an amateur sport I didn’t have a professional environment at the beginning of my career. Only towards the end of my career I surrounded myself with a more professional set up which is when I realised the difference it makes when you take better care of your body. I was already suffering with severe injuries due to wear and tear and a lack of balanced strength.”

“I had the privilege to know MJ and Rob as they are students at Gracie Barra Nottingham where I coach. They noticed my struggles and offered their services to me. Eventually, I started to make my way to Loughborough on a weekly basis. When I started to train with MJ and Rob I was a retired athlete and full of injuries, especially in my lower back. Very quickly I noticed an improvement and it gave me the confidence to continuing my Jiu-jitsu training and I have noticed a great change in my body.”

“I have to say I felt quite frustrated because I have just found them after my prime as an athlete. I wish I had them with me during my professional career, and I can say I would probably have accomplished way more than I did. I am just happy now to have them by my side from now on.”

“​One thing that makes the total difference with them both is that all the advice and training have been tested and researched and their experience gives me the confidence to follow through with whatever they say. There is always a reason why we are doing things and you can tell they are so passionate about what they do; this is how I am with my sport so I couldn’t find a better team to take care of me.”

I have no doubt Rob and MJ will contribute so much to anyone who seeks to become as good as they can be in any sport or well being.