Zak Skinner

Zak Skinner competes in 100m and Long Jump, he has achieved World Para Championships 4th 2017 and 5th 2019, and European Para Championships Silver 2018.

“I have worked with the Rob & MJ since late 2017 and have seen significant improvements in my sporting performance. Robs detailed and extremely well structured training programmes along with expert and in-depth knowledge into strength and conditioning performance has lead me to almost double my lifts in things such as cleans and squats. Personally I don’t think there is anyone better at coaching Olympic lifts, I am a prime example of this. Additionally this strength programme has lead me to achieve my first international medals at a European Championships at 2018 and we have big plans for the Olympics next year.”

“Having said all of this, one big and important factor of why it is a successful partnership is communication, he explains why we do each exercise and outlines the benefits which really helps engage and focus me on the task. I have complete faith in the process and he makes it easy to when I can see results so clearly. Also in general him and MJ are both down to earth, honest and nice people.”

Zak’s testimonial relates to the support provided by Rob and MJ in their respective roles for the British Athletics World Class Programme.